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2018 Ford Galaxy News and Engine

2018 Ford Galaxy front

Here comes new minivan from Ford, one of the most popular from that category, called Galaxy. Ford as one of the US most popular automobile Company needs to make improved generation of theirs model almost every year, so new Galaxy is going to be ready and prepared for 2018 markets. New 2018 Ford Galaxy will definitely going to help Ford make great sales number and help them raise their place on the list of the best cars for 2018.

2018 Ford S-Max Hybrid Interior and Exterior

2018 Ford S-Max Hybrid front

Ford has prepared another hybrid model for the car market, and it will be a 2018 Ford S-Max Hybrid. This new model will be available only in the US market, but it is very possible that the manufacturer decided to offer this hybrid in markets around the world. It is expected that this new model will attract the attention of potential new customers and will be a good competitor on the market in its category.

2018 Ford GT40 Performance, Review, Price

2018 Ford GT40 front

Back in the 1960`s if you had Ford GT 40 that meant that you really know a lot of about cars because this Ford `s model was maybe he most popular model in that time. Now, or to be precise, in the 2018, Ford will release new version of GT 40 which will be totally modern and made totally taking care on what customers wants, especially younger ones. This new 2018 Ford GT40 will represent every one true sport car should have and we are more than sure that Ford really know how to make it great, we`ve see so many examples of it so there can`t mistake with new GT 40.

2018 Ford EcoSport Release Date and News

2018 Ford EcoSport front

When the customers saw this type of SUV for the first time, they was thrilled with that new Ford`s model and with the popularity of EcoSport that keeps raising with every day and month. Ford decided to make one more refreshed model and that will make a lot of customers choose 2018 Ford EcoSport to be their ideal family car. Since this is still in a development phase, we don`t have much information’s about this SUV but according to some reliable sources we know how new EcoSport will look.

2018 Ford Crown Exterior and Interior

2018 Ford Crown front

Back in the 1991 Ford started to produce Crown and it instantly become one of the most popular cars, especially because Police choose him to be their patrol car and to help them chase the suspects. Then, after the 10 years of great success Ford stopped producing it because the government said that all the cars must have electronic stability control. Well, after almost 15 years of no Crown, we are about to make it welcome again. Now, new 2018 Ford Crown will definitely raise a lot of dust because it will attract a lot of attention especially when we now that he`s going to be chosen to be Police patrol car once again.

2018 Ford Troller Price, Review, Interior

2018 Ford Troller front

Since the 2003 when this model was firstly released, we have seen two generation of this awesome 4×4 off-road crossover. This 3rd generation of it, should be the best so far because Ford announced it to appear with even better performances and according to some latest rumors, new Troller will be primarily made for the market in the South America. If all what is announced is true, new 2018 Ford Troller should be the best off-road vehicle for 2018 and it will definitely appear with huge popularity, firstly in the South America than in the whole world.

2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 Changes, Engine

2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 front

First time that we`ve had opportunity to see GT350, back in the 1965, he had very strong and powerful engine to be moved with, maybe stronger than the one today. That can be called as only good part of that old GT350 because his exterior was quite boring and offered with only one exterior color option while customers wanted more. This 2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 will offer all of that, amazing exterior design with plenty color options to choose and great performances created by great engine.

2018 Ford Focus Electric Performance, Released, News

2018 Ford Focus Electric front

Focus, as Ford`s one of the most popular models must be more acceptable from the people that wants to be more greener and for those that want to keep the Earth safe. Because of that, we are about to welcome new 2018 Ford Focus Electric which will definitely be popular because today there are so many potential buyers of electric and hybrid cars. Leaders on this market are Tesla Motors and, of course, Toyota Prius. With new, electric Focus, Ford will try to become new leader.

2018 Ford C-Max Exterior and Interior

2018 Ford C-Max front

This is one vehicle that have all the features that one great sedan have and size of a small-size SUV. New 2018 Ford C-Max have all the finest technological and safety equipment that will make him more attractive for the customers and to improve his performances as much as it is possible. When Ford created this car, they really take special attention on what the customers want and what they need. Because of that, we think that new C-Max can really make every customers happy and satisfied.

2018 Ford F350 Price and Review

2018 Ford F350 front

Newest 2018 Ford F350 as part of Ford`s Super Duty trucks which produce finest trucks and among them is newest generation of F350 that`ll be true representative of Super Duty trucks. Based on all speculations about this type of truck, we know that he`s going to be one of the best from 2018 Super Duty lineup, just next to the F 150 which can`t be forgotten. He`s going to be bigger than F150 is so that`s his chance for the customers.