2017 Ford Galaxy Review, Engine

2017 Ford Galaxy front

US carmaker Ford comes to us with a new minivan for the market, and it will be a 2017 Ford Galaxy. This model comes promoted and improved, there are expected to be modified inside and out, there is also possible that the engine will be refreshed which will contribute to improving the performance and fuel economy. This model is primarily intended for large families and is expected to attract much attention to him selves by those populations.

2017 Ford Fiesta ST Interior, Price

2017 Ford Fiesta ST front

The Ford Company is one of the leading car manufacturers in America, their cars are characterized by a good ratio of price and quality, so this will be the case with the new 2017 Ford Fiesta ST. This new model comes redesigned and improved, both outside and inside, the car will also get refreshed engine, which is more likely to attract attention of new potentials buyers and will become one of the market leaders in its category.

2017 Ford Excursion Review

2017 Ford Excursion front

On the market will soon find one of the largest SUV from Ford Company, which will be the new 2017 Ford Excursion. This new full-size SUV will be redesigned and improved in each segment. It is assumed that the chassis of the vehicles will be manufactured at the new delivery platforms that will be used in the preparation of lightweight materials and aluminum, which will decrease the total weight of this huge SUV, and therefore on the improvement of fuel economy and performance.

2017 Ford Troller Engine, Performance

2017 Ford Troller front

On the market is coming the third generation Ford Troller, this model will first time released in 2003, while the second generation of the model was launched in 2007. The new 2017 Ford Troller will be a variety of improvements and enhancements, there will be some changes on the exterior design, there will be add new modern functionality inside, also expects the engine to be updated which will result in increased performance and reduced fuel consumption.

2017 Ford f150 Review, Price, News

2017 Ford f150 front

2017 Ford f150 is a first-class vehicle, made with the best navigation system that makes it awesome. The Ford f150 is loaded with a series of helpful features that are easy to use and will certainly make every driving session to be simple for you. With this model, you can easily move through the city, downtown hotels, petrol stations and coffee kiosks within a few seconds. If you want to procure a truck soon, this is the model you should surely consider.

2017 Ford Bronco Release date, Price

2017 Ford Bronco front

The Ford Company has prepared a new version of the Bronco, this model will sign 20 years tracing it back on the market, also produced in 2004 introduced the concept of this model, but he has not been seen on the market, it is now almost certain that it will happen soon. The new 2017 Ford Bronco will be improved and modernized inside and out, and the engine also will be updated which will result in reduced fuel consumption and improved performance.

2017 Ford EcoSport Exterior, Interior

2017 Ford EcoSport front

The new 2017 Ford EcoSport soon to hit the market, the company Ford has devoted much attention and effort in developing this model, as well as for each their car. It is expected that this model will come with a variety of enhancements and improvements inside and out, is also expected that this SUV will be lighter than its predecessor, which will contribute to fuel economy and performance are enhanced.

2017 Ford Chassis Cab Review, News

2017 Ford Chassis Cab front

When it comes to commercial vehicles Company Ford also for it has the answer. This manufacturer will be as well as for all other vehicles offer a high quality and modern truck that will be improved in all aspects, this model will be the 2017 Ford Chassis Cab. This model will get some refreshment on the engine that will be used for this truck for a variety of tasks that they can perform. It is expected that this Ford model to become a strong competitor in the market in the category of commercial vehicles.

2017 Ford Atlas Exterior, Interior, Price

2017 Ford Atlas front

The Ford Company is entering the market with a new truck of the series F-150, which is the new 2017 Ford Atlas, this model was first time represented by in 2013 Auto Show in Detroit. This model will have small changes inside and outside, also possess a powerful engine, and a large trunk area behind. The appearance of this truck will be aggressive and powerful which will help to attract great attention of new potential customers.