2018 Ford Fiesta ST Inside and Engine

2017 Ford Fiesta ST front

As we all are aware of, Ford is company that is among the best car producers in the world, and in the US maybe even the best. Because of that amazing reputation, they must make great vehicles every year and old cars must be improved almost every year. That is the way with the Fiesta ST that is more than famous vehicle all over the world. Because of that, Ford decided that is time do make new 2018 Ford Fiesta ST which can be even better than the last version of this vehicle. We`ll probably have to wait till the end of 2018 but we can already know how it can look from the inside and outside and what type of engine`s going to make this machine run.

2018 Ford Figo Cost, Review, Interior

2018 Ford Figo front

Newest generation of Ford`s Figo will be his second generation and according to some researches made, it is quite popular vehicle so Ford really have a point when they want to make refreshed version of Figo. 2018 Ford Figo will definitely going to be upgraded and updated a lot so we can expect him to see with a lot of modern details installed, in and outside, it will be totally new car that reminds us on the old generation that everybody`s fall in love with.

2018 Ford Fusion Performance and Release Date

2018 Ford Fusion front

Because of the some spy shots that has been shown and revealed, we`ve prepared small review of that what we can expect from 2018 Ford Fusion. This refreshed model of Ford`s famous sedan will be third generation of 2018 Ford Fusion and because his last generation was in the 2013 we can surely hope that Ford will add him some bigger changes and modifications on the exterior and interior design as well as some modifications made under the hood of new Fusion so he can be better than ever.

2018 Ford Mondeo Price, Engine, News

2018 Ford Mondeo front

It`s true that Ford’s Mondeo is present on the streets since the 1992 and so far it went through 4 different refreshing series but we must say that this new is the best Mondeo have to offer so far. Because of that, we know that new 2018 Ford Mondeo will definitely attract the biggest attention since it was created. A lot of upgrades are made and we know that that it will be totally modernized so even the younger customers will love to have new Mondeo.

2018 Ford Kuga Changes and Price

2018 Ford Kuga front

Ok, we are not going to start this review by telling you that in today’s times, SUV market is raising, you already know that, and Ford knows that. Because of that, they are planning to release new generation, refreshed one, of one of their famous SUV model called Kuga. New 2018 Ford Kuga is going to be completely designed and produced in Germany, so we can expect to see little German touch on new Kuga. That can only makes it better than before, but no matter where is going to be produced, we can`t wait to see new Kuga on the streets.

2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 Cost, Review

2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500 front

Definitely the car which premiere is most expected all around the world it new 2018 Ford Mustang Shelby GT 500. This car should appear at the spring of 2018 and Ford announced that it`s going to appear with a lot of improvements, but to be honest, new Mustang Shelby could appear the same as it was and everybody will still love it. It`s that kind of car, with huge reputation and with so many fans all around the world, not just in US, Mustang is more than just car, Mustang could be called as way of life.

2018 Ford Fiesta Performance and Review

2018 Ford Fiesta front

According to the announcements that comes from Ford, seems like 2018 is going to be amazing year for this car producer because they`ve about to release some of their finest models and among them, we`ve heard that Fiesta is about to be released one more time. 2018 Ford Fiesta is going to be car that will definitely make real pleasure to have and seems like hatchback market is getting serious because we`ve heard for many amazing hatchback car that should be produced in the 2018, look like we`re about to witness tough fight for the customers.

2018 Ford Falcon Price, Engine, News

2018 Ford Falcon front

One of the most popular Ford`s model in the Australia is going to receive newest generation, so new Falcon is going to be released. Falcon is present on the market for over 50 years and with every next generation was better, Ford always managed to make you fall even more in live with it. Knowing all of that, 2018 Ford Falcon can be better than ever, surely better because all of the announced details and changes are going to suit him fantastic.

2018 Ford F450 Exterior and Interior

2018 Ford F450 front

We`ve heard about one idea from Ford, they`ve planned to release newest generation of their famous truck in the 2018, new generationof F450. Of course, there is still a lot of work in front of Ford but if all of their plans and ideas about 2018 Ford F450 came true, this can be one of the best trucks in the 2018 and all others truck designers should take care about it and watch it carefully.

2017 Ford C-Max Review, Release date

2017 Ford C-Max front

Ford Company made a car that has a very good ratio of price and quality, and it’s 2017 Ford C-Max. This new model will get a variety of enhancements and improvements, so is expected to quickly attract the attention of potential new customers. The new car will be slightly redesigned exterior, while inside a little refreshment as well as new modern functions.