2018 Ford Focus RS Cost, Engine, Interior

2018 Ford Focus RS front

This upcoming generation, 4rd one, of Focus`s sporty version is expected to be the strongest. What we know about new 2018 Ford Focus RS is that he`ll definitely be technologically most advanced and there will be a lot of new features added so we know that this new Focus`s sport version is yet to become the most popular one of this Ford`s popular version that has always been one of the best-selling model in the whole world, primarily because of his functionality.

2018 Ford Endeavour Designed, Speed, Released

2018 Ford Endeavour front

According to the latest news which are coming out of the Ford`s factory there are going to pay a lot of attention to the SUVs so one of their upcoming SUVs, the one with huge potential and great opportunity ahead is new Endeavour which will be released somewhere at the middle of 2018. Great thing about new 2018 Ford Endeavour is that he`s going to be extra capable crossover, you can take him on every road you want, he`s more than excellent even on the off-road course. Try him, be sure that won`t be a mistake.

2018 Ford Flex Changed, Price, News

2018 Ford Flex front

Definitely one of the finest welcoming that Ford is preparing for 2018 is for new generation of Flex. This new 2018 Ford Flex will be the product of hard work of Ford`s engineers which have done everything to make it look as it look today, beautiful in every his segment. Definitely a lot of modern trends will be followed, for example, lightweight materials will be used to create chassis of new Flex, which will bring many benefits for new Flex, for start, lower fuel consumption but increased performances.

2018 Ford F250 Review and Engine

2018 Ford F250 front

We are here to present one more truck that comes out of Ford`s famous Super Duty lineup of amazing trucks. One of them is definitely F250 and when we`ve heard that there will be new generation of this awesome truck, we were thrilled, and we still are. New 2018 Ford F250 will be introduced as the 2018 and he`s going to be produced as totally modern truck, with lightweight materials used in chassis and with great performances.

2018 Ford Bronco Performance and Release Date

2018 Ford Bronco front

Even in the 1996 when Bronco was released for the first time it attracted a lot of customers and Ford realized that they have great future if they keep improving this amazing crossover through the years. And they did it, now, we can say that this upcoming 2018 Ford Bronco is going to be the best from Bronco, so far. With this kind of upgrades that Ford gives him through the years, who knows what we can expect from Bronco in, for example, 2020. Sky is the limit for Bronco.

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Changed, Price, News

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid front

There it is, new, 2nd generation of Fusion Hybrid is revealed and it`s going to be one of the best hybrid vehicles made for 2018 markets. 2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid won`t going to suffer some significant changes because his 1st generation is still quite new and Ford really don`t need to change something special, just to make some refreshments. According to some spy photos we`ve seen, that`s going to be exactly how we thought, with the same design and minor changes made.

2018 Ford Excursion Exterior, Interior, Cost

2018 Ford Excursion front

Brand new generation of Ford`s famous truck called Excursion is going to be among the best trucks for 2018 year, maybe not in the whole world but surely from Ford`s lineup. This will be real full-size truck that will be real pleasure to take on the road. We still don`t have official information how will new 2018 Ford Excursion look but we think that Ford won`t make some iconic changes on his design, we can expect some changes, improvements, to be made under the hood so new Excursion can be even stronger than before.

2018 Ford F150 Release Date and Review

2018 Ford F150 front

very true truck fan knows that F150 is `father` of all trucks and Ford is really first company where you go if you want to buy truck that have both excellent design and great performances. F150 as one of the world most famous truck is ready to introduce one more generation as refreshment to this current version. Based on the progress that Ford have with building 2018 Ford F150, we think that his release date can`t be before the half of 2018, maybe at the spring of that year.

2018 Ford Everest Price, Exterior, News

2018 Ford Everest front

Ford is company that is well known by making SUVs that are more than amazing and great by the performances. One of them is definitely Everest. Newest generation, this 2018 Ford Everest is about to be released in the 2018 but some rumors tells us that 2018 Everest can appear even at the late 2017. New Everest will be made based on the Ford`s model called Ranger and as the company announced, Everest won`t be offered to the customers in the United States.

2018 Ford Escape Redesigned and Changes

2018 Ford Escape front

We have great news, we`ve seen at the LA Auto Show that new generation of Escape will be produced for 2018 Ford`s lineup with two totally new engine options to be powered with. When we take a look on that 2018 Ford Escape we can see that it doesn`t fell that much different but it is more than obvious to see that Ford took some exterior details from the Edge and placed it on new Escape like new trapezoidal shape grille. Let`s see exactly what we can expect from new Escape.