2018 Ford Expedition Release Date and News

2018 Ford Expedition front

Newest Ford`s full-size SUV is definitely going to be latest generation of their popular SUV model called Expedition. As we can hear from some rumors close to the company, new 2018 Ford Expedition is still in a development phase so we can`t expect him to see before the winter of 2018. What we know, is that 2018 Expedition will going to be offered with even 8 different trim levels called: Limited, XLT EL, Limited EL, XLT, King Ranch, Platinum, King Ranch EL and Platinum EL.

2018 Ford Edge Changed, Cost, Engine

2018 Ford Edge front

Ford revealed that they are planning to release new generation of their famous SUV model called Edge. That is still in a development phase, it`s still just and idea from 2018 Ford Edge but according to great popularity this model have among the customers, we are more than sure that new 2018 Ford Edge will surely going to appear on the market with all the latest and newest details and features. We still don`t have any specific details about the exterior and interior details that`s going to be changed but when we take a look on the previous generation of this great SUV, we think that Ford don`t even had to make some iconic changes on 2018 Ford Edge.

2018 Ford Explorer Price, Performance, Released

2018 Ford Explorer front

According to the news which are coming from the Ford, we are ready to introduce newest generation of mid-size crossover, new Explorer. This new 2018 Ford Explorer will definitely going to be extra modern with a lot of new details added but with not that much changes made on the exterior because last generation of this SUV was quite nice and modern with functional exterior design. New Explorer will be suitable for large families because it really have much space inside.

2018 Ford Taurus Exterior and Interior

2018 Ford Taurus front

Because Ford knows that this type of large sedans are still more than popular at the Asian market, especially at the China market, they will make one more refreshed generation of Taurus that will definitely continue that trend of popular large sedans at China. 2018 Ford Taurus will definitely going to be introduced in the Asia for the first time, probably in Shanghai`s Auto Show so the customers out there can feel it closer.

2018 Ford B Max Rumors, Cost and Review

2018 Ford B Max front

2012 was the year when Ford released first generation of B Max and 2018 will be year when Ford will release his next generation that must be totally modernized so he can keep track with all the other companies that keeps producing modernized cars. As we know that B Max was very popular vehicle back then, Ford will have very tough job with this newest 2018 Ford B Max, but, according to some reliable sources and some rumors, seems like Ford really knows what are they doing with 2018 B Max because all the details tells us that it`s going to be more than great vehicle.

2018 Ford Atlas Release Date, News, Rumors

2018 Ford Atlas front

Well known Ford`s truck model called F 150 is ready to be refreshed and with that refreshment comes new name for this popular truck model. Now, he`s going to be called 2018 Ford Atlas and it`s going to be his first generation by that name which Ford Atlas expect to bring even more customers than the F 150 knows to do. Power will be raised to the higher level and all of the performance will be increased and they can lift this truck to the highest level ever.

2018 Ford Focus ST Price, Engine, Changed

2018 Ford Focus ST front

Focus, as one of the Ford`s most popular model ever is about to receive new version that will be stronger than the basic one. Focus really deserves to be updated almost every year because his shape and beautiful design which won`t be changed in this new version are really something that customers love. Because of that, we have no doubts that new 2018 Ford Focus ST which will definitely be stronger and faster than basic Focus will have huge popularity and we know that he`s going to be primarily aimed for younger customers.

2018 Ford Chassis Cab Exterior and Interior

2018 Ford Chassis Cab front

Every true commercial truck lover must have Ford`s products in his garage because when you look for great commercial truck, Ford is where you look them for. Definitely one of theirs most popular and product that they`ve worked most is 2018 Ford Chassis Cab which is announced to be their focus on the commercial trucks market in 2018. Ford announced him as one totally modernized commercial truck that will definitely take making commercial trucks on the whole another level. Not much details about him are revealed but some rumors are enough to make a review of what you can expect from new Chassis Cab. Here it is.

2018 Ford Raptor Review, News, Speed

2018 Ford Raptor front

In 2010, when Ford Raptor had it`s premiere, car world was left speechless with all new stuffs that Raptor brought on the market, with all modifications and with great technology still unthinkable for trucks in that time. Because of that we can say that Raptor was definitely truck that changed markets and changed that how car companies and customers are thinking. Knowing all that, there is no doubt that new 2018 Ford Raptor will be even better than before and that Ford is capable to, once more, raise a lot of standards to even higher levels, in almost every segment.

2018 Ford Transit Changes and Price

2018 Ford Transit front

About 50 years ago, Ford released first version of their famous commercial vehicle called Transit. During those 50 years, Transit improved a lot and this new expected generation should be the best of the Transit so far. Ford will do everything they can to do that. This 2018 Ford Transit should be the 6th generation of this vehicle and his 5th one is still quite fresh, we don`t expect from Ford to make some iconic changes on his design, most of the changes will be just some upgrades and improvements.