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2018 Ford Ranger MPG, Price, Release Date

2018 Ford Ranger front

As Ford always answer to all of the customers’ requests with their new generation and refreshed models of their famous vehicles, customers are more than happy with their models. One of the most popular model is Ranger as one of the most popular truck that was present on the market for a long time. This 2018 Ford Ranger as his newest generation is always great pleasure to ride and now with all of the new details added and with the old ones getting upgraded, there won`t be unhappy customers.

2018 Ford F350 Price and Review

2018 Ford F350 front

Newest 2018 Ford F350 as part of Ford`s Super Duty trucks which produce finest trucks and among them is newest generation of F350 that`ll be true representative of Super Duty trucks. Based on all speculations about this type of truck, we know that he`s going to be one of the best from 2018 Super Duty lineup, just next to the F 150 which can`t be forgotten. He`s going to be bigger than F150 is so that`s his chance for the customers.

2018 Ford Atlas Release Date, News, Rumors

2018 Ford Atlas front

Well known Ford`s truck model called F 150 is ready to be refreshed and with that refreshment comes new name for this popular truck model. Now, he`s going to be called 2018 Ford Atlas and it`s going to be his first generation by that name which Ford Atlas expect to bring even more customers than the F 150 knows to do. Power will be raised to the higher level and all of the performance will be increased and they can lift this truck to the highest level ever.

2018 Ford Chassis Cab Exterior and Interior

2018 Ford Chassis Cab front

Every true commercial truck lover must have Ford`s products in his garage because when you look for great commercial truck, Ford is where you look them for. Definitely one of theirs most popular and product that they`ve worked most is 2018 Ford Chassis Cab which is announced to be their focus on the commercial trucks market in 2018. Ford announced him as one totally modernized commercial truck that will definitely take making commercial trucks on the whole another level. Not much details about him are revealed but some rumors are enough to make a review of what you can expect from new Chassis Cab. Here it is.

2018 Ford Raptor Review, News, Speed

2018 Ford Raptor front

In 2010, when Ford Raptor had it`s premiere, car world was left speechless with all new stuffs that Raptor brought on the market, with all modifications and with great technology still unthinkable for trucks in that time. Because of that we can say that Raptor was definitely truck that changed markets and changed that how car companies and customers are thinking. Knowing all that, there is no doubt that new 2018 Ford Raptor will be even better than before and that Ford is capable to, once more, raise a lot of standards to even higher levels, in almost every segment.

2018 Ford Transit Changes and Price

2018 Ford Transit front

About 50 years ago, Ford released first version of their famous commercial vehicle called Transit. During those 50 years, Transit improved a lot and this new expected generation should be the best of the Transit so far. Ford will do everything they can to do that. This 2018 Ford Transit should be the 6th generation of this vehicle and his 5th one is still quite fresh, we don`t expect from Ford to make some iconic changes on his design, most of the changes will be just some upgrades and improvements.

2018 Ford F250 Review and Engine

2018 Ford F250 front

We are here to present one more truck that comes out of Ford`s famous Super Duty lineup of amazing trucks. One of them is definitely F250 and when we`ve heard that there will be new generation of this awesome truck, we were thrilled, and we still are. New 2018 Ford F250 will be introduced as the 2018 and he`s going to be produced as totally modern truck, with lightweight materials used in chassis and with great performances.

2018 Ford F150 Release Date and Review

2018 Ford F150 front

very true truck fan knows that F150 is `father` of all trucks and Ford is really first company where you go if you want to buy truck that have both excellent design and great performances. F150 as one of the world most famous truck is ready to introduce one more generation as refreshment to this current version. Based on the progress that Ford have with building 2018 Ford F150, we think that his release date can`t be before the half of 2018, maybe at the spring of that year.

2018 Ford F450 Exterior and Interior

2018 Ford F450 front

We`ve heard about one idea from Ford, they`ve planned to release newest generation of their famous truck in the 2018, new generationof F450. Of course, there is still a lot of work in front of Ford but if all of their plans and ideas about 2018 Ford F450 came true, this can be one of the best trucks in the 2018 and all others truck designers should take care about it and watch it carefully.

2017 Ford Ranger Engine, Changes

2017 Ford Ranger front

Different vehicles are designed to meet different needs at specified times. Pickups are required for various diverse ranges of functions. The new 2017 Ford Ranger is expected to have unique features that make it ideal for all environments in the different parts of the world. The design and engine used should permit it carries out a range of functions. This new Ford is not yet out for purchase but will be a good machine to start saving for it now. Otherwise, here is the list of special features that it will have.