2018 Ford Mondeo Price, Engine, News

It`s true that Ford’s Mondeo is present on the streets since the 1992 and so far it went through 4 different refreshing series but we must say that this new is the best Mondeo have to offer so far. Because of that, we know that new 2018 Ford Mondeo will definitely attract the biggest attention since it was created. A lot of upgrades are made and we know that that it will be totally modernized so even the younger customers will love to have new Mondeo.

2018 Ford Mondeo front

2018 Ford Mondeo Exterior and Interior

Ford announced that new Mondeo should look almost completely different than his previous generation and we know that Ford is serious when they said something like that. Because of that, new 2018 Ford Mondeo received newly designed bumpers that will be reinforced as well, new design of headlights which will receive newest LED lamps, taillights will also receive new LED lamps for better visibility. Grille is also expected to be restyled but we aren`t sure about that yet. All in all, this upcoming 2018 Mondeo really have nicer shape with all the exterior details which will be added on it.

Inside new 2018 Ford Mondeo, 5 adult passengers will feel comfortable and we know that they`ll be relaxed because they can carry as much cargo as they want because his trunk area is more than enough. Seats will be made from finest leather so the passengers can really enjoy all the time spent in new Mondeo. Thanks to amazing number of newest features that will be installed in new Mondeo, we must say that the customers will be more than satisfied with equipment that new Mondeo have to offer. Great thing about new 2018 Ford Mondeo is that he`s going to be better equipped with safety features than his predecessor, so now it`ll have: rear view camera, a lot of airbags, parking sensors and many more yet to be revealed.

2018 Ford Mondeo rear

2018 Ford Mondeo Engine

Ford is company that has always provided more than great engine choices for their customers so new 2018 Ford Mondeo will definitely be equipped with more than one engine option and every one of them will be special by something. For example, basic engine type will be 1.0-liter petrol EcoBoost engine that will have the best fuel consumption so far. Then, we`ll have 1.5-liter petrol EcoBoost engine that will be able to deliver 148 horse power and 240 Nm of torque. We expect to see one more engine type for 2018 Ford Mondeo, the one that will be the strongest, that can be 2.0-liter EcoBoost engine but we still don`t know his power amount.

2018 Ford Mondeo interior

2018 Ford Mondeo Price and Release Date

Starting price and release date for new 2018 Ford Mondeo are still hidden but we think that starting price for new Mondeo could be $32.000, based on all the equipment and his performances. We know that new Mondeo is still in a development phase but we think that Ford can finish him very soon and place it on the markets until the 2018 reach the half.

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