2018 Ford GT40 Performance, Review, Price

Back in the 1960`s if you had Ford GT 40 that meant that you really know a lot of about cars because this Ford `s model was maybe he most popular model in that time. Now, or to be precise, in the 2018, Ford will release new version of GT 40 which will be totally modern and made totally taking care on what customers wants, especially younger ones. This new 2018 Ford GT40 will represent every one true sport car should have and we are more than sure that Ford really know how to make it great, we`ve see so many examples of it so there can`t mistake with new GT 40.

2018 Ford GT40 front

2018 Ford GT40 Exterior and Interior

Ford, as favorite car factory for the biggest part of American people must create cars that they`ll like. Because of that, shape and exterior design of new 2018 Ford GT40 is totally in US people taste. But it definitely looks great, there`s no doubt in that. New GT 40 will be made using mostly lightweight materials so his performances will be even increased because of that and because of his great shape that will give him even better aerodynamic abilities. Front part will surely receive a lot of new details, for start, new headlights and new bumpers will be added. On the back part of new 2018 Ford GT40 rear spoiler must be placed because it must keep new 2018 Ford GT40 firmly on the ground because it`s more than capable to run fast.

Definitely the best part inside new 2018 Ford GT40 is new SYNC 3 infotainment system that can allow all sort of new functions to be controlled and used in this perfect sport car. Steering wheel on new GT 40 will be jammed with so many buttons and controls so driver can manage all of them easily. Instrument board on new GT 40 will have only most important buttons and knobs because Ford wants to simplify it and to make it easier to control. Seats will be perfectly designed for high speeds it`s capable to produce so great lumbar support is more than important.

2018 Ford GT40 rear

2018 Ford GT40 Engine

Now, we`ve came to the part where all of you will pay the most attention to, that`s the engine compartment of 2018 Ford GT40, and it`s awesome. New GT 40 will be powered by 3.5-liter V6 engine with great power amount. He`ll be equipped with 600 horse power and maximum torque amount of 600 lb/ft which will together with 7-speed automatic gear box this engine is connected with present great combination. This combination will give him over 200 mph as his maximum speed and he`ll be able to reach 60 mph in just 3 seconds.

2018 Ford GT40 interior

2018 Ford GT40 Price and Release Date

If you want to have amazing car as this 2018 Ford GT40 really is, you`ll have to pay high price for it, this new GT 40 will cost around $400.000 for his basic model and according to first releases from the Ford, we think that he`ll be available at the half, or to precise, in the summer of 2018.

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