2018 Ford Focus ST Price, Engine, Changed

Focus, as one of the Ford`s most popular model ever is about to receive new version that will be stronger than the basic one. Focus really deserves to be updated almost every year because his shape and beautiful design which won`t be changed in this new version are really something that customers love. Because of that, we have no doubts that new 2018 Ford Focus ST which will definitely be stronger and faster than basic Focus will have huge popularity and we know that he`s going to be primarily aimed for younger customers.

2018 Ford Focus ST front

2018 Ford Focus ST Exterior and Interior

We`ve already said that this new 2018 Ford Focus ST will remain the size and shape of the basic Focus version, which is great. This time new Focus ST will be made from lightweight materials that his performances can even be upgraded without additional struggle from the engine compartment. Even though the shape is the same as before, Ford gave this new Focus ST new rear spoiler. All the lights will be upgraded using only newest LED lamps as one of the most proved technology. 18.0-inch alloy wheels will be there to even make him look sportier. One more thing that we could notice that is changed is his hood which now have more curves.

Interior will also remain the same as it was before, primarily functional. This new 2018 Ford Focus ST will have even more functions installed in his infotainment system and it will have more functions placed in steering wheel than before so the driver can still keep his eyes on the road while changing radio station, volume or something else. Even though instrument board of new Focus ST is filled with buttons and knobs he`ll have large steering wheel placed on the middle of the instrument board, 8.0-inch one that will contain all the important functions and information`s about the car and about the route where are you taking new 2018 Ford Focus ST. So many new functions will be added and some of them are: electronically stability control, newest navigation and audio system and many other that will be added in new 2018 Ford Focus ST.

2018 Ford Focus ST rear

2018 Ford Focus ST Engine

New 2018 Ford Focus ST will definitely have stronger type of engines than the regular Focus version. Ford still didn`t revealed officially with which type of engine new Focus ST will be powered but according to some speculations, new Focus ST will be powered with either one of these two options. First one is 2.0-liter four-cylinder petrol engine that will be equipped with 250 horse power and 360 Nm of torque. With this power amount, new Focus ST will speed up from 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds. Than there can be 2.0-liter TDCi engine with 185 horse power and 400 Nm of torque. Both of these engines are great so new Focus ST will be extra powered. No matter what type of engines you choose it will be connected to the either 5-speed manual or 6-speed automatic gear box.

2018 Ford Focus ST interior

2018 Ford Focus ST Price and Release Date

As far as we know, new 2018 Ford Focus ST can`t be offered for the price of under $30.000 because it is well upgraded. New Focus ST should appear at the spring of 2018.

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