2018 Ford Focus RS Cost, Engine, Interior

This upcoming generation, 4rd one, of Focus`s sporty version is expected to be the strongest. What we know about new 2018 Ford Focus RS is that he`ll definitely be technologically most advanced and there will be a lot of new features added so we know that this new Focus`s sport version is yet to become the most popular one of this Ford`s popular version that has always been one of the best-selling model in the whole world, primarily because of his functionality.

2018 Ford Focus RS front

2018 Ford Focus RS Exterior and Interior

What we are sure about the exterior design of new 2018 Ford Focus RS is that he will definitely going to be made using only lightweight materials like aluminum and carbon fiber that will definitely going to reduce his weight and with that, his performances will surely going to be increased with no extra effort to the engine. Other than that, front part will receive some changes which will make him better and nicer. For example, larger air intakes will be added which tells us that engine will be stronger now, headlights will be slightly restyled and made from new LED lamps once again and bumper will definitely be reinforced. We can notice that overall look of new 2018 Ford Focus RS tells us that this is faster and stronger car than his predecessor was, exterior tells us that, but we`ll have to wait to see what engine have to say, he have final words.

When we talk about the cabin design on new 2018 Ford Focus RS we must say that he`ll receive new Recaro seats that will have really sporty design and they`ll be made from fine materials and they`ll provide great lumbar support in the same time. Some of the most technologically and safety advanced functions will be installed, such as: parking assist, cruise control, dual zone climate controller, rear view camera, Bluetooth, USB and Wi-Fi connectivity and many others yet to be revealed. One more thing that we must say that we describe interior design of 2018 Ford Focus RS is that he`s going to be extra spacious so every passengers will definitely have enough room for itself.

2018 Ford Focus RS rear

2018 Ford Focus RS Engine

What we know for engine is that new 2018 Ford Focus RS definitely won`t be powered with the same engine as regular Focus is, this generation of 2018 Ford Focus RS will be powered with the same engine as Ford Mustang is. 2018 Focus RS will be equipped with 2.3-liter 4-cylinder EcoBoost turbocharged engine that will be capable to generate 330 horse power and 474 Nm of torque and it will be paired with 6-speed manual transmission system. What we know about this engine is that he`s more than capable to create high speed, for example, with this type of engine new Focus RS can go up to 165 mph as his maximum speed and he can reach from 0-60 mph in 4.7 seconds.

2018 Ford Focus RS interior

2018 Ford Focus RS Price and Release Date

Precise and official release date is unknown but we can hear what the rumors are saying and most of them are sure that new 2018 Ford Focus RS can`t be available before the start of 2018 and all potential customers will have to pay it around $45.000 for his basic trim level.

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