2018 Ford Fiesta ST Inside and Engine

As we all are aware of, Ford is company that is among the best car producers in the world, and in the US maybe even the best. Because of that amazing reputation, they must make great vehicles every year and old cars must be improved almost every year. That is the way with the Fiesta ST that is more than famous vehicle all over the world. Because of that, Ford decided that is time do make new 2018 Ford Fiesta ST which can be even better than the last version of this vehicle. We`ll probably have to wait till the end of 2018 but we can already know how it can look from the inside and outside and what type of engine`s going to make this machine run.

2017 Ford Fiesta ST front

2018 Ford Fiesta ST Exterior and Interior

New 2018 Ford Fiesta ST will continue the trend and it will be made based on Fiesta MK6 model using lightweight materials that will make him reduce his fuel consumption and gain some extra power and engine performances. What is more important, new Fiesta ST should be functional and well-designed at the same time. We must mention that 2018 Fiesta ST won’t suffer some iconic changes on the exterior details, there will be slightly modified headlights and grille on the front part of this car and reinforced bumper on the back of new Fiesta ST. All that, plus new 17 inch alloy wheels will make new Fiesta looks stronger that previous generation looked.

First, comfort level of new 2018 Ford Fiesta ST is on very high level, it is equipped with new Recaro sporting seats that are made from finest material and it is really driver oriented (like whole cabin is) and it can really provide you excellent feel during high speeds that new Fiesta ST is capable of creating. Every piece of technological features will be connected to the MyFord infotainment system that can provide all the latest functions like: cruise control, crash alert, Sirius navigation system, Sony audio system and a lot of extras, everything to make your 2018 Ford Fiesta ST better.

2017 Ford Fiesta ST rear

2018 Ford Fiesta ST Engine

Some very well informed sources tells us that new 2018 Ford Fiesta ST can be powered with totally new set of engine, old and well known engine with some improvements. That will be 1.6-liter turbocharged engine that will be able to give new Fiesta more power than before. 2018 Fiesta ST will have 240 horse power and 250 lb/ft of torque. With this amount of power new Fiesta RS can go from 0-60 mph in about 6 seconds.

2017 Ford Fiesta ST interior

2018 Ford Fiesta ST Release Date and Price

Starting price or release date for this type of Ford`s vehicle are still secret well hidden but when we take everything that 2018 Ford Fiesta ST have, we can assume that his starting price will go around $25.000 probably, that seems quite enough for this new Fiesta ST that can be introduced as the 2017 comes to the end.

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