2018 Ford F250 Review and Engine

We are here to present one more truck that comes out of Ford`s famous Super Duty lineup of amazing trucks. One of them is definitely F250 and when we`ve heard that there will be new generation of this awesome truck, we were thrilled, and we still are. New 2018 Ford F250 will be introduced as the 2018 and he`s going to be produced as totally modern truck, with lightweight materials used in chassis and with great performances.

2018 Ford F250 front

2018 Ford F250 Exterior and Interior

We`ve already mention that Ford will use mostly aluminum to build new 2018 Ford F250 and that will help them reduce his overall weight, reduce fuel consumption and it`ll help them increase his performances without any extra effort by engine made. Front part of new F250 will be especially amazing because it will be really large and made for you to feel how powerful this truck is. It will have large grille which will be slightly restyled but it`ll remain that Ford`s touch. Headlights won`t be changed, it will remain the same shape and size while only laps will be upgraded, made in newest LED technology. His trunk area will be the same dimensions as before with slightly restyled LED taillights to make him even nicer and with more luxury touch. We expect to see new 2018 Ford F250 come on larger, maybe 19.0-inch, set of alloy wheels to make him look even more aggressive.

Interior design of new 2018 Ford F250 should remain practically the same as before, with all important details still present in this new generation while all the old functions will be either updated or dropped and replaced with new, modern ones. My Ford Touch infotainment system with all his great features will be present as always, and now, his newest version will be installed for new F250. A lot of fine materials will be used to complete his cabin design, mostly leather and some fine wooden details that can increase luxury feeling inside new 2018 Ford F250. We mustn`t forget great design of his seats which can provide great lumbar support so the passengers and the driver can really enjoy the ride and so they can finish their job easily.

2018 Ford F250 rear

2018 Ford F250 Engine

Ford still didn’t revealed any official details about the engine that can be found under the hood of this mighty truck but since they haven’t announced anything new, we think that there will be the same engine offer as in the previous generation. New 2018 Ford F250 can be powered with one of two engine choices. First one can be 6.7-liter V8 turbo charged engine that is able to deliver 440 horse power and 860 lb/ft of torque. Next, there can be one petrol engine, that can be 6.2-liter V8 that will be capable to deliver 385 horse power and torque of around 405 lb/ft. 6-speed automatic transmission system should be basic transmission system for those two engine and we know that Ford will offer both AWD and RWD mode for new 2018 Ford F250.

2018 Ford F250 interior

2018 Ford F250 Price and Release Date

Starting price for new 2018 Ford F250 should be in range of $35.000 and $60.000 depending on what equipment you want inside your new truck which Ford can release at the beginning of 2018 which will make a lot of customers happy.

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