2018 Ford F150 Release Date and Review

very true truck fan knows that F150 is `father` of all trucks and Ford is really first company where you go if you want to buy truck that have both excellent design and great performances. F150 as one of the world most famous truck is ready to introduce one more generation as refreshment to this current version. Based on the progress that Ford have with building 2018 Ford F150, we think that his release date can`t be before the half of 2018, maybe at the spring of that year.

2018 Ford F150 front

2018 Ford F150 Exterior and Interior

First news that we`ve been able to hear from Ford, is that weight of this new 2018 Ford F150 will be significantly reduced because Ford now uses only lightweight materials to make this awesome truck as this one really is. Aluminum will be the material which will be primarily in the building this truck. Dimensions will remain practically the same with new, but better looking grille and newly designed headlights made using only newest LED lights. This newest 2018 Ford F150 tells us that now, Ford really pay a lot of attention to the esthetic of their vehicles and that can only be better in the years which are ahead of us. One more thing about the redesigned exterior of new F150 is that he`s going to be equipped with larger set of wheels than before.

Because of the dimensions remained unchanged, interior room won`t be increased, but it`ll still going to have more than enough room so all of the passengers can feel more than cozy and relaxed inside. Central place on the instrument board will be reserved once again for large 8.0-inch touchscreen that contains all the important information`s about the car and about the journey. A lot of newly added features, safety and infotainment ones, will be added while all the old ones which was present on the previous version of F150 are going to be updated so 2018 Ford F150 can be totally modernized. Comfort will also going to be raised to the completely new and higher level because seats will have great shape and design and, what is more important, they`ll be made from finest materials there is.

2018 Ford F150 rear

2018 Ford F150 Engine

As we can hear, new 2018 Ford F150 will have more than one engine option to be powered by but so far, we know for only one engine that should be under the hood of new F150. That`ll be 3.5-liter twin turbocharged V6 engine that is more than capable to create power of 450 horses and about 440 lb/ft of torque. This engine will be connected to the 10-speed automatic transmission system which will help him transfer power to all four wheels. With this engine, new F150 can go from 0-60 mph in just 5.5 seconds and it`ll make his top speed to be around 140 mph.

2018 Ford F150 interior

2018 Ford F150 Price and Release Date

As we can hear, new generation of F150, 2018 Ford F150 will have his price somewhere around $55.000, not over that for basic version but definitely over that price for some higher and more demanding trim levels. New 2018 Ford F150 should appear at the market somewhere at the half of 2018.

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