2018 Ford Crown Exterior and Interior

Back in the 1991 Ford started to produce Crown and it instantly become one of the most popular cars, especially because Police choose him to be their patrol car and to help them chase the suspects. Then, after the 10 years of great success Ford stopped producing it because the government said that all the cars must have electronic stability control. Well, after almost 15 years of no Crown, we are about to make it welcome again. Now, new 2018 Ford Crown will definitely raise a lot of dust because it will attract a lot of attention especially when we now that he`s going to be chosen to be Police patrol car once again.

2018 Ford Crown front

2018 Ford Crown Exterior and Interior

What we know for sure about new 2018 Ford Crown is that he`s going to be built on the same platform as Ford`s model called Taurus because his engineers are more than satisfied with it and more than pleased of how this car is accepted by the customers. This new Crown won`t be that much different in some details when we compare it with his predecessor but he`s going to lose some pounds and he`s going to be bigger and with increased wheelbase. His weight reduction will be available thanks to that Taurus platform and thanks to using aluminum and carbon fibers primarily in his chassis. Headlights will remain the same shape as before while taillights will be slightly reshaped, while all the lights will use newest LED lamps which will help new 2018 Ford Crown increase visibility which knows to be crucial in the Police business.

When we talk about the interiors, your biggest attention goes to their technologically equipment. Well will start with that now. Of course, as you have already know, new 2018 Ford Crown will have electronic stability control now installed. Other than that, some of the standard features installed in new Crown will be: Bluetooth, USB and Internet connectivity, parking sensors, rear view camera, cruise control, new navigation system, digital climate controller and of course new MyFord infotainment system installed. New 2018 Ford Crown will have more than enough room so 5 passengers can be totally relaxed and cozy inside. They`ll have more than enough room to carry as much luggage as they want as well.

2018 Ford Crown rear

2018 Ford Crown Engine

So far, Ford revealed only handful of information`s about the engine compartment for new 2018 Ford Crown for public. We think that only the Police now have official information`s about it. What we know is that new Crown will use 3.5-liter V6 EcoBoost engine that definitely must be more than well equipped with horse power and torque amount but we still don`t have any details about it. What we know is that he`s going to be connected to the 6-speed automatic gear box and that his lightweight chassis will make him reduce fuel consumption and make it around 32 mpg combined city/highway. What we know as well, is that he`s going to be offered in both variant, FWD or AWD, depends on how much money you`re willing to spend for new 2018 Ford Crown.

2018 Ford Crown interior

2018 Ford Crown Price and Release Date

When it comes to the release date and price for new 2018 Ford Crown it is still unofficial that he`s going to be released in January 2018, or at first days of 2018 which will make him perfect Christmas or New Year present. Well, you`ll have to separate around $30.000 to buy basic trim level of it.

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